Book Club Summaries

Ideas That Have Changed My Life

80% Of Your Life Has To Be What Motivates You

80% of your life has to be centered around doing things that motivate you This is important because without that motivation, you’ll get complacent, and you’ll always fall short on reaching your potential in life. The problem with this, is... Read More

The Social Comparison Problem

Minimum wage has been a growing important topic lately. Some support it. Others don’t. But one objection to raising the minimum wage has been that if you raise the minimum wage of unskilled work to $15, then those who are already making... Read More

Don’t Do What You Love, Do What You Like

The first thing to understand about passion is that not every passion translates into a happy career or into a healthy sustainable business. It’s important to realize that oftentimes careers and hobbies are meant to be distinct from each other,... Read More

6 Tips To Help You Read More Books

Reading truly excites me. I really wish that I had the same love for reading that I have now when I was a kid in middle school. I wouldn’t even be able to imagine how much farther ahead in my journey... Read More

Avoid Extreme Ideologies

When it comes to any conversation about any controversial topic, you will always have three perspectives: 1) You have the thesis on one end. 2) You have the antithesis on the other. 3) And then you have the middle, also... Read More

Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

Most people think that they take full responsibility of their life, but when you examine people’s behavior and you look at how people act, you see that this just isn’t true. Instead, a lot of people tend to blame others... Read More

The First Mover Advantage

A few months ago, when Pokémon Go was a relevant topic, I had written an article on LinkedIn about it that explained why it was going to be a very important app for marketers. I did everything that a great article... Read More

Systems Vs. Goals

In the book “The End Of Dieting,” Dr. Joel Fuhrman says something really interesting. He says, “We’ve been sold a false bill of goods. Diets don’t work, and they’re terrible for our health. Every diet is doomed to fail –... Read More

Here’s A Few Things To Share With You For The Weekend

Here’s a few things that I want to share with you: 1) “If I disappeared tomorrow, would anybody miss me?” is an important question that we all have to ask ourselves. This doesn’t mean will your family and loved ones miss... Read More

I Would Still Blog Every Day Even If No One Read It

I’ve been writing on my blog for awhile now. And on this blog, I like to talk about the best ideas from the books I read. These are ideas that I think are worth talking about because these are ideas... Read More