Book Club Summaries

Ideas That Have Changed My Life

Write Like You Talk

Seth Godin is one of the busiest people on the planet. He’s a marketer, an entrepreneur, and a best selling author of 18 books. He’s also a prolific writer who still finds time in his busy schedule to write one... Read More

The Best Teacher I Never Had

12 months ago, I had come across a keynote speech given by Gary Vaynerchuk, who is an entrepreneur, marketer, and best selling author of 4 books. And his style of speaking was so interesting and authentic that I’ve followed him... Read More

Make Good Art

People talk a lot about commencement speeches, and there are some really great commencement speeches out there. Steve Job’s Stanford commencement speech is one of them. And Jim Carrey’s commencement speech is another great one. But for anybody that is... Read More

How To Communicate With Those Who Disagree With You

The first thing to understand about people is this: As humans, we do not like to listen to anything that doesn’t fit into our belief system. If you’re Republican, for example, then you probably don’t like listening to CNN. And... Read More

Learn To Love The Grind

The road to success is often very difficult. Especially, if you don’t love what it is you’re doing. This is why if you don’t love what you do then you’ll probably always quit when things get a little too difficult... Read More

Do We Have Free Will?

A typical homicide, which is when an individual unlawfully kills another individual, are not like the murders that you see depicted on TV. Rarely, are murders premeditated, planned out, and strategically executed. Instead, what typically happens is, most homicides began... Read More

The Unconventional Marketing Strategy To Getting Noticed

What happens when you create something that you think is great, you put it out into the world, and no one responds to it? Typically, marketers will decide to just throw more money into their marketing efforts in order to... Read More

Create An Environment That Allows You To Succeed

It’s a false belief that the reason people are overweight is because they lack the willpower to eat healthy. It’s a false belief that the reason people have poor money skills is because they just don’t have the willpower to... Read More

How To Become A LinkedIn Top Voice

Yesterday, LinkedIn published their list of ‘Top Voices” for 2016, which identified the top 10 writers across ten different categories, such as marketing, education, and entrepreneurship. I was thrilled (and very fortunate) when I received an unexpected email a few... Read More

Today, I Was Named A LinkedIn ‘Top Voice’

Six months ago, thanks to my girlfriend Miki (like the mouse), I made the decision to start writing on LinkedIn. As I was editing my first post, I clearly remember having no idea what I was getting myself into. At the time, I... Read More