Book Club Summaries

Ideas That Have Changed My Life

Do Something That Terrifies You Every Day

Entrepreneur, author, and speaker Tim Ferriss once said, “A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” Luckily for us, though, we don’t always have to be... Read More

Read This While Lying Down

For many of you who are reading this post, you’re probably doing so while sitting in a chair. And although the simple act of sitting in a chair may seem like a normal and comfortable thing to do, an evolutionary... Read More

Everyone Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth

Are you a strategist or a planner? In both life and business, it’s always better to be a strategist. This is because plans tend to always fall apart whenever things get a little too difficult to handle. Interestingly, however, most... Read More

Will More Money Make You Happier?

Most people would say that having a lot of money is near the top of their list when it comes to what they want to achieve in life. And it’s not because people are greedy, but because people strongly believe... Read More

Start With “Why”

In his brilliant TED Talk “Start With Why,” author, speaker, and consultant Simon Sinek says the problem with how most brands and individuals communicate their message is that they always talk about WHAT they do and HOW they do it,... Read More

Why Successful Individuals Wear The Same Outfit Daily

Every single day we make hundred of decisions: Should I hit the snooze button or not? What time should I leave for school/work? Should I exercise today? And if so, what time? What should I eat for dinner? Should I... Read More

Spend Money (But Not On Stuff)

Contrary to conventional wisdom, money can buy you happiness, but only if spent on doing things as opposed to being spent on having things. In the book “Luxury Fever,” economist Robert Frank concludes, after a careful review of evidence, that... Read More

Why Starting A Blog Will Change Your Life, Even If No One Reads It

In the book “The Power of Habit,” Charles Duhigg talks about the importance of developing keystone habits into your life. Duhigg defines keystone habits as “small changes or habits people introduce into their routines that unintentionally carry over into other... Read More

What’s The One Thing You Do Better Than Everyone Else?

What’s the one thing you do better than everything else you do? In his book “StrengthsFinder 2.0,” Tom Rath says that every single person does something better than the next 10,000 people. If that’s true, then what’s yours? You may... Read More

Are The Answers Within You?

When times are tough and you don’t know what to do, you’ll hear a lot of people tell you that you should just search inside yourself because the answers are already within you. But this would be a lie. In... Read More