Book Club Summaries

Ideas That Have Changed My Life

Be Hopeful When Things Are Bad And Humble When Things Are Good

In 523 AD, at the peak of his power, Anicius Boethius was unjustly accused of treason and sentenced to death. While in prison, Boethius wrote his book “The Consolation of Philosophy,” where he talks about his situation and his philosophy... Read More

Be Stubborn With Your End Goal And Flexible With The Journey

Natural selection is the idea that the organisms most adapted to the environment are the one’s who survive. It is not the strongest or the smartest who survive, but those who are the most adaptable to their changing environment. In... Read More

If You Want To Build Wealth, Learn To Pay Yourself First

It’s obvious to everybody that saving money is an essential habit for success. But the big question for everyone who doesn’t save is, “How can I do it?” Simply put, saving money is solely a matter of habit.  Millions of... Read More

Procrastinating Will Kill Any Chance You Have Of Finding Success

As humans, we procrastinate mainly because we don’t immediately experience the consequences that procrastinating produces. As a result, we waste our time spending it on unproductive activity, focusing on things that take us further away from our end goal. In... Read More

Why It’s So Damn Hard To Be Healthy

When it comes to health, we live in a culture that likes to place the blame on others for being in poor situations. We say things like, “If you’re overweight, that’s your fault. I’ve avoided diabetes, so why can’t you?”... Read More

Why Achieving Your Dream Job May Not Make You Happy

Kelly Newsome went to law school at the University of Virginia. She was a straight-A student, with big career goals, and she graduated at the top of her class. After graduation, Kelly went on to a high-paying job as a lawyer,... Read More