Book Club Summaries

Ideas That Have Changed My Life

Why Aren’t We Taught How To Be Financially Independent?

Like many people, I always wondered why schools never taught us about money. If the reason we get a job is to make money, and the reason we go to school is to get a job then why weren’t we ever taught... Read More

Not Everyone You’re Friends With On Facebook Sees Your Posts

At one point, college students were the only people who were on Facebook. Compared to now, the audience was small so people’s News Feeds were ordered chronologically. But as Facebook’s audience changed and attention from Facebook began to shift, Facebook had to figure out... Read More

The Root Of Poverty: Why We Need To Create ‘Learning Societies’

Common sense is incredibly effective with solving tasks of everyday life. It’s common sense to not eat food off the ground and to wash your hands after you touch something disgusting. For day to day tasks like these, common sense is necessary. But when... Read More

Feeling You Have Control: Why Entrepreneurs Are The Happiest People On The Planet

The reason why we hate having to sit in traffic, having to listen to loud noises outside our house, and having to wake up at 8 am everyday to go to work is because we can’t control it. In a famous study, David Glass and Jerome Singer separated a... Read More

Love Will Make Or Break Your Happiness

Sigmund Freud once said that you need to get two things right in your life in order to be happy. You need to get work right, but more importantly, you need to get love right. A good marriage is one... Read More

Don’t Try To Change People’s Worldviews

Every person has a unique worldview, which is a set of biases, values and beliefs, that is influenced by their parents, their schools, the places they lived and the experiences they’ve had. These worldviews become the lens that people use to... Read More

Are Successful People Born Or Made?

Genetics definitely play a factor in our personality, intelligence and ability, but it is not the determining factor as many scientists, psychologists, and entrepreneurs like to believe it is. The problem with believing that your intelligence, happiness and talent is a result of... Read More

Be A Curator Of Your Own Content

Creating work that is great starts when you decide to cut out stuff that’s only merely good. Directors will cut good scenes in order to make a great movie. Musicians will drop good tracks to make a great album. Writers... Read More

Could You Do It With Less?

One of the biggest excuses people use as to why they can’t start a business is always, “I don’t have enough money.” Typically, people think that they need a lot of money like $50,000 to get their idea rolling and... Read More

Taking Advantage of Reciprocity

Cooperation among humans doesn’t seem like it should be natural. In a world based on competition and survival of the fittest, it seems odd that humans have evolved to live cooperatively in groups with one another. However, when humans live individually and solely for... Read More