Book Club Summaries

Ideas That Have Changed My Life

Go For No: Why You Have To Fail In Order To Succeed

According to insurance industry statistics, if you took 100 people when they were young and observed them as they got older, you would find that by the time they turn 65, only 1 would be rich. 4 would be financially... Read More

Pick Yourself

“People get good gigs because they stand up. You don’t get picked. Reject the tyranny of picked. Pick yourself.” – Seth Godin All of us are surrounded by people who don’t want to bet on themselves and are just waiting... Read More

How The Food Companies Hooked Us

The first thing to understand about sugar is that our bodies are hard wired to want it. People love sugar. They crave sugar. And up to a certain point, the more sugar there is, the better. This is what food companies call the... Read More

The ‘Habit Of Mind’ That Separates Self Made Billionaires

In the book “The Self-Made Billionaire Effect: How Extreme Producers Create Massive Value,” John Sviokla, a former Harvard business school professor, and Mitch Cohen, a vice chairman at PwC, did a study on 120 self made billionaires to find out... Read More

Millennials Won’t Spend A Second On Your Ads, But They’ll Spend Two Minutes Reading Your Blog Post

I wrote this post originally for LinkedIn’s marketing and advertising section — In America, there are 80 million Millennials, which represents about a fourth of the entire U.S. population. With $200 billion in annual buying power, the impact that Millennials are having... Read More

My 100th Blog Post

This is my 100th blog post… That’s 100 times I’ve asked myself, “Is this good enough?” That’s 100 times I’ve asked myself, “Are people going to like this?” That’s 100 times I’ve questioned whether or not I should even post... Read More

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

As humans, your level of happiness is the result of many different factors in your life, such as the voluntary activities that you choose to partake in on a daily basis. One example of voluntary activities that increase happiness are pleasures,... Read More

Who Would Miss You?

Brands are extremely valuable in the way that they have a lot of importance to our lives. Think about the following brands for example and the importance they have to people: Google, Apple, Jersey Mike’s, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Amazon.... Read More

Everyone Has Potential, But Potential Doesn’t Matter

Everyone has potential, but just because you have potential doesn’t mean that you’ll achieve it. The problem with the idea of potential is that potential needs to be acted on. In biology, for example, an individual may have genes that have the potential for... Read More

Does Happiness Come From Within?

Does happiness come from within? If you were to ask this question to 100 people, many of them would answer “yes.” Often times, these people tend to say things like “Just be happy” “Happiness is a choice” and “Happiness comes from... Read More