Book Club Summaries

Ideas That Have Changed My Life

You Get What You Deserve In Life

A lot of people go through life wanting to achieve success. Unfortunately however, many people never find success because they haven’t done anything to deserve it. If you’re not constantly working to improve your life and achieve your goals, whether it’s... Read More

Happy People Rationalize, But That’s Not Always A Good Thing

In order to feel happy in our lives, our beliefs and behaviors have to coincide with one another because when they don’t, we experience internal conflict. For example, if you truly want to be an entrepreneur, an artist or a writer,... Read More

Don’t Bother Writing A Great Article If Your Headline Sucks

According to Copyblogger, which is the number one most followed blog on content marketing, 80% of visitors will read your headline, but only 20% of those visitors will go on to read the piece itself. This is because people who... Read More

If You Want To Be A Better Marketer, Study The Homeless

I wrote this post originally for LinkedIn’s marketing and advertising section — The skill set it takes to be a successful marketer is a completely different skill set than the one you needed to be successful a decade ago. If you’re a... Read More

Success Requires Patience

A lot of people tend to have a false sense of how long it actually takes in order to achieve success. Most people will work for a year toward their goals then think about quitting because they haven’t seen the... Read More

Whether You Know It Or Not, You’re A Marketer

Marketing is all about spreading ideas, and spreading ideas is the single most important ability any individual can have. Some ideas that are terrible spread rapidly and have major impacts, while other ideas that are more important seem to not... Read More

Treat Your Work Like You’re A Museum Curator

Creating work that is great requires you to treat your work as if it’s a museum. In the New York Times bestselling book “Rework,” Jason Fried, who is a co-founder of 37signals, says, “In order to create a great museum,... Read More

Creating Great Work Is Not Enough

Very few businesses can grow and succeed today by simply creating a new kind of commodity that is great, made cheaply, and ensured to be of high quality. The reason is because it is no longer difficult for any business to create... Read More

It Doesn’t Matter How Great Your Product Is If You Don’t Market To Your Customer’s Worldview

I wrote this post originally for LinkedIn’s marketing and advertising section — Every potential customer you market to has a unique worldview, which is a set of biases, values and beliefs, that is influenced by their parents, their schools, the places they... Read More

The Science Of Adult Attachment: Are You Anxious, Avoidant Or Secure?

When it comes to the subject of love, you’ve probably been given a lot of romance advice typically telling you how you should act in a romantic relationship: Don’t be too needy, don’t get too jealous, and have a strong sense of independence... Read More