Book Club Summaries

Ideas That Have Changed My Life

Ideas Are Worthless Without Good Marketing

There is such an oversupply of ideas nowadays that it is no longer enough to just have a great idea. What’s in short supply, however, is the knowledge of how to tell a story about our ideas in a way that shows... Read More

Mike Tyson, Chess, And The Winner Effect

On August 19, 1995, Mike Tyson made his first post prison boxing appearance against Peter McNeeley. Now at the time, Mike Tyson had just spent 3 years in jail so there was no way he was going to come back and immediately... Read More

Why Finding ‘The One’ Will Actually Push Your Career Forward

“For all the productivity and success advice I’ve read, shaped and marketed for dozens of authors in the last decade, I’ve never really seen someone come out and say: find yourself a spouse who complements and supports you and makes... Read More

Give More Value Than You Think Is Profitable

On January 5, 1914, Henry Ford shocked the world when he announced that Ford Motor Company would increase it’s employees minimum wage from 0.50 cents a day to $5.00 a day. The idea that any wealthy industrialist would share profits... Read More

Don’t Do What Doesn’t Work

Napoleon Hill, author of the classic book “Think And Grow Rich,” had the great idea that he would interview all of the great successful people of his time and organize what he learned into a book describing the principles of their achievement.... Read More

Should You Follow Your Passion?

Growing up, everyone tells you that you should do what you love and chase your passion. But if you want to reach your full potential, passion may not be it. If you want to do work that you love, “Follow... Read More

Do The Hardest Things First

On any given day, you have a limited amount of willpower, meaning that you do not constantly have an unlimited supply of willpower ready to be used at any moment in the day. Because of this, you then have to... Read More

If You Want To Be Successful, You Need To Cut The Learning Curve

If you want to be financially successful at a relatively young age, you need to be able to cut the learning curve. At most people’s current learning curve rate, the average person is on track to be a millionaire at... Read More

You Don’t Always Have To Make Good Decisions, But Make A Decision

In order to make a million dollars, the average millionaire had to make 10,000 good decisions. However, this doesn’t mean the average millionaire never made a bad decision. Statistically, the average millionaire has gone bankrupt three times before they ever... Read More

The Pleasure Principle

If you look at your own life, you will see that every single one of your day to day decisions branches out in two directions: You’re either moving towards perceived pleasure or away from perceived pain. This behavior in human... Read More