Book Club Summaries

Ideas That Have Changed My Life

Why You Should Always Be Trying To Disprove Yourself

The worst habit people learn from politicians and parents is to be overly certain of their opinions on subjects they know nothing much about. In the book “Man Alone With Himself,” philosopher Friedrich Nietzche says, “Convictions are more dangerous enemies to truth than lies.”... Read More

Welcome To My “Book of The Day” Blog!

There is something wrong with society today.  We live in a world where we have an abundance of information. We have sites like Google, Bing, and YouTube at our fingertips. We have countless free eBooks and audiobooks that we can... Read More

Get The Incentives Right

As humans, our brain has 25 different cognitive biases, which are our brain’s tendencies to think in certain ways that may not be logical. One of these biases is called the Reward/Punishment bias, which says the power that incentives and... Read More

Being Kind vs Being Right

In the book “The Everything Store,” Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, talks about the time he was taught a lesson on the importance of being kind over being right. Every few years when Jeff Bezos was a kid, Bezos’ grandparents Pop and... Read More

Learn To Put Things Into Perspective

If you want to become financially successful in life, then you need to learn how to put things into perspective. The billionaire tech titan Elon Musk for example, is the only person who has started three companies that are now each... Read More

Will Smith Says You Need To Do Two Things To Be Successful

Will Smith says you need to do two things in life if you want to be successful. 1) You need to read a lot 2) You need to run a lot. Will Smith says reading is important if you want... Read More

The Difference Between Passionate Love and Companionate Love

Romantic love is widely misunderstood, especially if you’re younger than 40. This is because children are typically raised believing in very idealistic views of romance, always searching for “the one.” And if, and when, we find “the one” we assume... Read More

Multitasking Is A Lie

Multitasking is a natural part of being human. This is because our evolutionary history required human beings to do two things at one time. If our ancestors weren’t able to scavenge for food while also looking out for predators, they wouldn’t have... Read More

What Makes People Happy?

Some people who are tremendously successful seem to also be very unhappy. While other people who are not as successful seem to be content with the level of success they have. Why? Because there’s not one single thing that alone... Read More

Every Writer Is A Copywriter

A copywriter by definition is someone who writes for an audience with the intent of getting that audience to do something that they wouldn’t have otherwise done if they had not read your writing. And in this sense, all writing is... Read More