Book Club Summaries

Ideas That Have Changed My Life

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

When we think of someone who has achieved success, we like to imagine the individual who sells everything they own to move to a new city to pursue their passion. We love the story of the individual who goes all... Read More

500 Self Made Millionaires Agree This Is The Key To Their Success

When we imagine the successful entrepreneur, writer or artist, we tend to think they did it all by themselves. However, the idea of a single individual overcoming every obstacle on their own is not an accurate idea. Often times, success... Read More

What Are You Worth Per Hour?

The average graduating salary of a Harvard Business School student is $120,000. When compared to the average American salary, which is only $24,000, this may seem like a lot of money. But this isn’t all of the information. Typically, when... Read More

Winners Are Quitters

I feel like quitting almost every single day. My guess would be that you experience this same feeling as well. Unfortunately, if you’re someone who is highly motivated and ambitious, you’re going to experience a lot of obstacles in your... Read More

The Simple Method Jerry Seinfeld Used To Become A Successful Comedian

In his book “Deep Work,” author and professor Cal Newport shares the productivity advice that software developer Brad Isaac had received from comedian Jerry Seinfeld. This happened in the early days of the Seinfeld show when Seinfeld still regularly toured.... Read More

Why You Should Get Rid Of Your To-Do List

Success is never achieved by the person who does the most things. Instead, success is achieved by the person who does what is most important. This is why to-do lists can oftentimes do more harm than good. Why? Because a... Read More

10 Books Every Person Should Read

Reading is, and always has been, the habit of the highly successful. Whether you look at someone like Bill Gates, Charlie Munger or Warren Buffett, you’ll find that it is extremely common for the world’s most successful people to read... Read More

The Road To Success Is Often Boring. Can You Tolerate It?

Multitasking is a natural part of being human. It’s not a flaw – it’s a property. This is because our evolutionary history required human beings to do two things at one time. If our ancestors weren’t able to scavenge for... Read More

I Hope You Stop Reading My Posts

This isn’t really true. I love the idea that so many of you have been inspired by the ideas I’ve talked about, and continuously choose to come back and read my posts on a daily basis. But in terms of... Read More

Find Your 50 Books

When I first started this online book club, my goal was never to get more people to read more books. Quantity was never the goal here. What has been the goal, however, is quality. If you’ve been a part of this book... Read More