Book Club Summaries

Ideas That Have Changed My Life

Make Your Bed

If you want to find success, and maybe change the world in the process, start off by making your bed. In his book “Make Your Bed,” legendary Naval Admiral William H. McRaven says, “If you make your bed every morning,... Read More

Why You Should Have A Morning Routine

Most people will check their phone, email and social media immediately upon waking up. Do you do this? If so, you’re putting yourself in a reactive state of mind because you’re letting outside circumstances dictate what decisions you make. Instead... Read More

Don’t Do It Tomorrow. Do It Today

Have you ever started something but never finished it? I know I have. In fact, I tried starting this book club in January 2016, but had quit after just a week. Why? Because I wasn’t able to do the work.... Read More

How To Know When You Should Say No To Something

In his book “Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice From The Best In The World,” Tim Ferriss’ shares an interesting method you can use whenever you don’t know if you should say no to something. Whenever you don’t know if... Read More

3 Steps To Find A Mentor

The common denominator in every successful individual is the presences of a mentor who has helped them achieve their success. As humans, we learn by example, and the successful are no exception to this. They, too, all had mentors who... Read More

It’s Okay To Be A Whiner

Mark Cuban is a whiner. And that’s exactly why he’s successful. In his book “How To Win At The Sport of Business,” Mark Cuban says, “I’m a whiner. I guess I have to finally admit it. I took a look... Read More

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

When we think of someone who has achieved success, we like to imagine the individual who sells everything they own to move to a new city to pursue their passion. We love the story of the individual who goes all... Read More

500 Self Made Millionaires Agree This Is The Key To Their Success

When we imagine the successful entrepreneur, writer or artist, we tend to think they did it all by themselves. However, the idea of a single individual overcoming every obstacle on their own is not an accurate idea. Often times, success... Read More

What Are You Worth Per Hour?

The average graduating salary of a Harvard Business School student is $120,000. When compared to the average American salary, which is only $24,000, this may seem like a lot of money. But this isn’t all of the information. Typically, when... Read More

Winners Are Quitters

I feel like quitting almost every single day. My guess would be that you experience this same feeling as well. Unfortunately, if you’re someone who is highly motivated and ambitious, you’re going to experience a lot of obstacles in your... Read More