The common denominator in every successful individual is the presences of a mentor who has helped them achieve their success.

As humans, we learn by example, and the successful are no exception to this. They, too, all had mentors who taught them and helped them along the way.

Alexander the Great, for example, was mentored by Aristotle. Albert Einstein had Max Talmud. Tom Hanks had Rawley Farnsworth. Even Gandhi had a mentor.

The question for us, however, is how can we find a mentor?

In his book “Real Artists Don’t Starve,” bestselling author Jeff Goins explains how to properly go about doing this.

In his book, Goins says that if you want to find a mentor, whether it’s a musician, a writer or an entrepreneur, there are three steps you need to follow.

The first step in finding someone to mentor you is finding someone worth being mentored by.

When you find a person like this, you want to consume as much of their content as possible. Read every book and article they’ve written, watch every video they’ve put out, and buy whatever it is they’re selling.

The second step is to then follow their advice and apply their teachings.

Influencers are busy people and they’re constantly being bombarded with emails from other people who are trying to get their attention as well. Because of this, you have to make yourself stand out from everyone else.

How do you do this? You have to prove that you can do the work. You have to show that not only can you learn, but that you can also act on what you learn. This is how you earn the attention of a mentor.

Once you’ve started seeing results as a result of following their methods, then you want to move on to the third step.

The third step is when you finally reach out to the person you want to mentor you, and you ask for their advice.

You do this by using the following prompt: “Thank you for W. I applied X. It helped me do Y. Now what about Z?”

For example, “Hey, thank you so much for writing your book about social media! I applied the tactics in it to my own social media and it helped me grow my audience from 0-20,000 followers. What do you suggest is the next step?

Whatever you do, don’t ask for their advice before step two. Do it afterwards. Show them that you’re a student of their work and that you applied their teachings and have seen results.

As Jeff Goins says in his book, “First become a case study, then ask for help.”

Now, when you do this, it’s possible that they may not respond to you the first time. But if you do this enough times, eventually they’ll notice you, and they’ll respond back to you.

What do you do when they respond? You apply the advice they give you. Then eventually you reach out to them again asking what it is you should do next.

This is how you prove that you’re better than the average person. This will help you start to build a relationship with them.

But the prerequisite for this is you have to put in the work.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, find an influencer in your field who you would like to learn from and apply this method.