This isn’t really true. I love the idea that so many of you have been inspired by the ideas I’ve talked about, and continuously choose to come back and read my posts on a daily basis. But in terms of my goal to impact other people’s lives in a positive way, I hope you stop reading my posts.

On this blog, I talk about the best ideas from the books I’ve read. These are ideas that have improved all areas of my life, whether it’s been in relation to love, money, health, etc.

I talk about these ideas because I want other people to learn from them and apply them in their own lives. I want these ideas to spread and to have an impact.

However, it’s one thing to read about an idea and ponder over it, and it’s another thing to decide to act on that idea.

This is why I’ve tried to make it a habit in my life that whenever I learn about an interesting idea, I immediately try to implement it into my life. I’ve done this with starting a blog, running every day, reading a book a week, focusing on building a social media following, etc.

I’m not saying you have to stop reading books, consuming content, and listening to podcasts, but what I’m saying is, that at some point, you do have to transition from being a student who only consumes content to someone who always takes action.