I’ve been writing on my blog for awhile now. And on this blog, I like to talk about the best ideas from the books I read.

These are ideas that I think are worth talking about because these are ideas that have drastically improved my life.

And since I’ve started writing on my blog, I’ve made it a goal to discipline myself to try to write one new post about one of these ideas a day.

By pushing myself to write a new blog post every day, this has forced me to always be seeking out new ideas, which is something I wouldn’t have otherwise done if I hadn’t made the decision to write.

As a writer, if you’re focused on creating a thoughtful post everyday about an idea that you think can help benefit someone else’s life, then everyday, you will start noticing those new ideas everywhere. You’ll even start seeking out those new ideas.

As a result, you couldn’t help but get better at whatever it is you are seeking to do.

This is why I would still blog even if no one read it.

But if, as a by-product, people like what I have to say, then it’s a win-win for everyone.

If, however, no one read this post, then I would be completely okay with that.