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Why You Should Join

In terms of quality of life, you couldn’t help but be healthier, happier and financially more successful as a result of just reading more. So my question for you is, what’s stopping you from reading more? Most likely, you probably just don’t have the time, which is okay. This is why I came up with the idea of starting a book club, where I will cover a variety of books with you ranging from topics about success and marketing to health and happiness.

How This Book Club Works

The average CEO in America reads one book a week. That’s 50+ books a year! Ever since I read this stat, I’ve made it a goal to read at least one new book a week as well. Unfortunately, 99% of the information you read in articles, books, and blog posts do nothing to help you improve your life. This book club is about finding those 1% of ideas that do matter and sharing them with you.

What To Expect

3 to 4 times a week, I will send you one of my written books summaries that will talk about an idea from one of the books I’ve read. These are books and ideas that I think are the most important for changing your life. This is completely free and you will get all the benefits of reading a book a day without actually having to take the time to read the book yourself.

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What Other Members Are Saying

“I enjoy receiving your book summaries. I find your ideas to be insightful, thoughtful, terse and generous in spirit. They leave me with a sense of expansion.”
“I receive your regular book emails, I really appreciate them. They're always thought provoking, and just the right length to read in between other tasks!”
“I recently joined your blog list and I have to say I love what you write! When I first read your posts on LinkedIn I thought, "Wow this guy's material really strikes a chord with me."  I am an avid reader and so scrolling through your book lists was appealing to me as well.”
“Your blog is gold, no kidding. Never been so spellbound reading a blog.”